AAV Control Products

Which control AAV should I use?

There are three primary factors to take into consideration when selecting the control AAV: the AAV serotype, the promoter, and the reporter. Ideally, you would use the control with the same serotype and the same promoter as the AAV expressing your GOI/shRNA/sgRNA.  For example, if you use AAV5-CAG-hSNCA for stereotactic injection, you would need a control AAV with serotype 5 and the CAG promoter to drive the fluorescence reporter (eGFP, mCherry, etc).  In this case, most labs would select AAV5-CAG-eGFP.

For shRNA or miRNA, a control AAV expressing a scrambled shRNA/miRNA which targets no known mammalian genes is also needed.

Below, you’ll find our most popular AAV control products.

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eGFP Control AAV with Ubiquitous CMV

eGFP Control AAV with CAG/CAGGS Promoters

Non-GFP Control AAV under CMV Promoter

Scrambled shRNA Control AAV

Control AAV with eGFP driven by Cell-Specific Promoters