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Vector BioLabs in recent publications

Our products and services have been used by scientist all over the world, and we have been directly referenced in over 1200 published papers.

Here are the most recent published papers :

Nature (2017) RNase III nucleases from diverse kingdoms serve as antiviral effectors

Neuron (2017) Septal Cholinergic Neuromodulation Tunes the Astrocyte-Dependent Gating of Hippocampal NMDA Receptors to Wakefulness

Scientific Reports (2017) Method for Dual Viral Vector Mediated CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Disruption in Primary Human Endothelial Cells

JCI (2017) Hepatocyte nuclear factor 1a suppresses steatosis-associated liver cancer by inhibiting PPAR¿ transcription

EMBO Molecular Medicine (2017) GDF15 is a heart-derived hormone that regulates body growth

Nature Medicine (2017) A microRNA screen reveals that elevated hepatic ectodysplasin A expression contributes to obesity-induced insulin resistance in skeletal muscle

Nature (2017) FGF-dependent metabolic control of vascular development

Nature Communications (2017) BAP1 regulates IP3R3-mediated Ca2+ flux to mitochondria suppressing cell transformation

Cell (2017) Metabolic Adaptation Establishes Disease Tolerance to Sepsis

PNAS (2017) Structural organization of the actin-spectrin–based membrane skeleton in dendrites and soma of neurons

Nature (2017) A competitive inhibitory circuit for selection of active and passive fear responses

Molecular Therapy (2017) Gene Therapy Restores Balance and Auditory Functions in a Mouse Model of Usher Syndrome

Cell Stem Cell (2017) A Quiescent Bcl11b High Stem Cell Population Is Required for Maintenance of the Mammary Gland

Cell Stem Cell (2017) Human iPSC-Derived Cerebral Organoids Model Cellular Features of Lissencephaly and Reveal Prolonged Mitosis of Outer Radial Glia

Nature Genetics (2016) A missense variant in FGD6 confers increased risk of polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy

Nature (2016) The p53-SET Interplays Reveal A New Mode of Acetylation-dependent Regulation

Cell (2016) UCP2 Regulates Mitochondrial Fission and Ventromedial Nucleus Control of Glucose Responsiveness

Nature (2016) FOXO1 couples metabolic activity and growth state in the vascular endothelium

Cell (2016) Astrocytic Insulin Signaling Couples Brain Glucose Uptake with Nutrient Availability

Nature Communications (2016) EphrinB2 repression through ZEB2 mediates tumour invasion and anti-angiogenic resistance

Nature Communications (2016) Endothelial PDGF-CC regulates angiogenesis-dependent thermogenesis in beige fat

Bone Research (2016) A cost-effective method to enhance adenoviral transduction of primary murine osteoblasts and bone marrow stromal cells

JCI (2016) Tyrosine kinase FYN negatively regulates NOX4 in cardiac remodeling

JCI (2016) Osteoblast-derived VEGF regulates osteoblast differentiation and bone formation during bone repair

PNAS (2016) Interaction of HIF1a and ß-catenin inhibits matrix metalloproteinase 13 expression and prevents cartilage damage in mice

JCI (2016) Hedgehog inhibits ß-catenin activity in synovial joint development and osteoarthritis

JCI (2016) RB1 deficiency in triple-negative breast cancer induces mitochondrial protein translation

PNAS (2016) Primate-specific miR-515 family members inhibit key genes in human trophoblast differentiation and are upregulated in preeclampsia

Journal of Visualized Experiments (2016) Methods for the Isolation, Culture, and Functional Characterization of Sinoatrial Node Myocytes from Adult Mice

PNAS (2016) GSDMB induces an asthma phenotype characterized by increased airway responsiveness and remodeling without lung inflammation

Neuron (2016) A Designer AAV Variant Permits Efficient Retrograde Access to Projection Neurons

Science (2016) A nuclease that mediates cell death induced by DNA damage and poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1

Science (2016) Airway acidification initiates host defense abnormalities in cystic fibrosis mice

Cell Stem Cell (2016) Suppression of the SWI/SNF Component Arid1a Promotes Mammalian Regeneration

PNAS (2016) Astrocytic ß2-adrenergic receptors mediate hippocampal long-term memory consolidation

Nature (2016) Midbrain circuits for defensive behaviour

Nature Medicine (2016) Epithelial calcineurin controls microbiota-dependent intestinal tumor development

Neuron (2016) Sensory-Derived Glutamate Regulates Presynaptic Inhibitory Terminals in Mouse Spinal Cord

Cell (2016) Mitotic Checkpoint Regulators Control Insulin Signaling and Metabolic Homeostasis

Cell (2015) Extracellular Metabolic Energetics Can Promote Cancer Progression

Neuron (2015) High Salt Intake Increases Blood Pressure via BDNF-Mediated Downregulation of KCC2 and Impaired Baroreflex Inhibition of Vasopressin Neurons

JCI (2015) Smooth-muscle BMAL1 participates in blood pressure circadian rhythm regulation

JCI (2015) Kruppel-like factor 4 is critical for transcriptional control of cardiac mitochondrial homeostasis

JCI (2015) Insulin demand regulates ß cell number via the unfolded protein response

JCI (2015) E2F1 mediates sustained lipogenesis and contributes to hepatic steatosis

Cell (2015) Endogenous Hydrogen Sulfide Production Is Essential for Dietary Restriction Benefits

PNAS (2015) Identification of a mammalian glycerol-3-phosphate phosphatase: Role in metabolism and signaling in pancreatic ß-cells and hepatocytes

PNAS (2015) Huntingto's disease: Neural dysfunction linked to inositol polyphosphate multikinase

Nature Communications (2015) Repression of arterial genes in hemogenic endothelium is sufficient for haematopoietic fate acquisition

PNAS (2015) Transcriptional modulator ZBED6 affects cell cycle and growth of human colorectal cancer cells

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