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shRNA Adenovirus / AAV Production Service

Vector Biolabs has been offering custom production of RNA interference-inducing (RNAi) adenoviruses & AAV since 2004 and we made over 500 shRNA adenovirus/AAV in the last 8 years. These RNAi-inducing adenoviruses are designed to express gene specific short hairpin RNA (shRNA) that targets the transcript of the native gene for post-translational gene silencing or RNA interference.

DNA that encodes a small hairpin RNA (shRNA) molecule will be inserted into the adenoviral/AAV genome, in which the expression of shRNA is under the control of the U6, H1 or CMV promoter. The resulting shRNA will be rapidly converted to the desired RNAi molecule. The efficiency of gene silencing through viral gene delivery is much higher than those seen in other delivery systems, such as direct transfection of siRNA/plasmid, or retroviral or lentiviral systems. This is due to the fact that adenovirus/AAV delivers genes into 100% of the cell population, while other systems could deliver genes to only a fraction of the cells.

The expression of the shRNA can be under the control of either U6, H1 or CMV promoter, with the option of co-expression of GFP, RFP or mCherry for easy monitoring of infection.

shRNA Adenovirus production: a final viral stock of approximately 1010-1011 PFU will be delivered to you. This amount is enough to infect at least 200-1,000 10-cm plates of most cell types. This entire process will be completed in approximately 6-8 weeks.

shRNA AAV production: a purified viral stock of approximately 1012 to 1013 genome containing particles (GC) will be delivered to you. This entire process will be completed in approximately 5-6 weeks.

We can make the shRNA viruses for any GOI you want to knock down, but different approach will be used depending on the starting material you have (or don't have). Please contact us to discuss your requirement in detail.

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