FAQ – Shipping Plasmids

Need to ship us a plasmid for a construction or amplification project?  You’ll find all the information you need here.  Please contact us if you have any other questions!

Where should I send the plasmids?

Vector Biolabs
Attn: Tech Services
293 Great Valley Parkway
Malvern, PA 19355, USA
ph: 1-484-325-5100

How should I send the plasmids?

We recommend using an express carrier such as UPS or FedEx instead of the postal service. If possible, we strongly suggest using overnight service (or the fastest available if shipping internationally) to minimize transit time.

How much plasmid do I need to send?

We require at least 10ug if we need to start from cloning.

For pAd plasmids, a minimum of 20ug is required for adenovirus packaging.

For pAAV plsamids, 120 – 500ug pAAV plasmid (endotoxin-free prep preferred) is required for AAV viral packaging depending on production scale, unless you would like us to do the plasmid preparation for you.  In that case, we only need a small amount (1-5ug) of plasmid DNA or bacteria glycerol stocks.  Here are the amount of DNA needed for viral packaging for each production scale:
Pilot Scale:          120ug
Medium Scale:    250ug
Large Scale:        500ug

The concentration of your plasmid DNA should be >=0.5ug/ul.

Can I ship the plasmids at room temperature?

Yes, if your plasmid is stored in a TE buffer, you can ship them to us at room temperature. Otherwise, we recommend using a cold package (blue or dry ice) for shipment, in order to reduce the likelihood of DNA degradation.

What forms do I need to include in my plasmid shipment?

For non-viral plasmids for AAV or adenovirus construction, please use the Non-Viral AAV Plasmid Submission form or Non-Viral Adenovirus Plasmid Submission form

For GOI/shRNA already cloned into our Dual-shuttle vectors for adenovirus construction, use the Ad-Shuttle Plasmid Submission form.

For plasmids that are adenoviral (pAd) vectors ready for adenoviral packaging, please use the Adenoviral Plasmid Submission form.

For plasmids that are AAV-ITR vectors ready for AAV packaging, please use the AAV Plasmid Submission form.

Why is a submission form required?

We work with hundreds of labs for thousands of viral constructions and receive plasmids every day. To ensure use of the correct plasmid for your construct, we require a submission form for each plasmid sent to us.

What other information do I need to submit?

For non-viral plasmids, we need a vector map of the plasmid and sequence of the vector backbone (if available).  We also need the sequence of the gene of interest (GOI), so we can design the best cloning strategy for viral construction.  This information should be emailed to cloning@vectorbiolabs.com.

For pAAV cis-plasmid, please also email us map/sequence for your plasmid. We need to pick the right qPCR primers for titration the AAV stock after production.

Your project may be delayed if insufficient information is provided for your plasmid.

What if I got my plasmid from a collaborator and I don’t have the complete information?

If you receive the plasmid from an outside source, we recommend doing some quick sequencing to ensure it’s the correct plasmid with the correct insert.