Cell-Based shRNA Validation Service

When it comes to generating shRNA, there are several computational models with various predictive algorithms.  The first generation of these were based on sequence and thermodynamic characteristics of short-hairpin RNAs (shRNA).  In the next generation,  years of shRNA experimental data was incorporated to improve accuracy.  Although these newer algorithms improve the design for effective shRNA knockdown, they do not eliminate the requirement for experimental evaluation of the activities of shRNA. 

We provide this evaluation in the form of cell based shRNA validation services.  It begins with generation of 5 – 10 shRNA sequences for your target gene based on second-generation algorithms.  Then, we compare the efficiency of these shRNA candidates in a cell model; analyzing various factors to select the best one for knockdown of your target gene.  Using this method, we have validated over 17,000 human; 16,000 mouse; and 4,000 rat shRNA sequences.

An example graph showing results of our shRNA validation services.

 An example graph showing results of our shRNA validation services.

How it works:

  1. We begin by cloning cDNA of your targeted gene into a validation plasmid
  2. Then we clone 5 – 10 predicted shRNA sequences in shRNA vector
  3. We transfect cells with cDNA/shRNA plasmids
  4. Finally, we quantify target gene knockdown by qRT-PCR in the cells

Available shRNA platforms:

  • Constitutive shRNA knockdown
  • Inducible shRNA knockdown

Guaranteed Knockdown: We guarantee the knockdown of >80% mRNA level in the tested cells from screening of 10 shRNA sequences. Please contact us for service details and pricing.

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