An Update on COVID-19

To all of our valued customers,

    Vector Biolabs is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation across the globe.  While our labs are now in an affected area, we recognize that our work is vital to research communities worldwide.  Therefore, we will still be accepting new orders and continuing viral production for the foreseeable future.

    However, some temporary changes are being made to ensure the health and safety of our staff.  The most impactful of these being our laboratory working on a staggered schedule to minimize potential exposure, which in turn will cause decreased production capacity.  As always, we will keep you updated on your project status, but you can expect delays. Please check your project status page frequently and plan your experiments accordingly.  

    Additionally, due to the closure of many universities and businesses in affected areas, we will be holding all shipments until we receive confirmation from the end user that someone will be there to receive and sign for the package.  We do not wish to risk any product being compromised due to evaporation of dry ice.  Please check with your receiving department before contacting our office to confirm shipment.

    We wish you all the best during these trying times.  Please stay safe, stay healthy, and take proper precautions to minimize your own potential exposure to COVID-19.  Thank you for your understanding.


        The Vector Biolabs Team