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Adeno-associated virus (AAV) Custom Production Service

    (1) Subcloning your gene of interest (GOI) or shRNA into related pAAV cis-plasmid
    (2) Large-scale preparation of pAAV cis-plasmid and complimentary plasmids by using Qiagen Endo-free Mega Prep kit.
    (3) Large-scale transfection of involved plasmids into 40x 15cm plates of HEK293 cells.
    (4) Harvest and purification through a serial of CsCl centrifiguation.
    (5) Titration (measuring genome particles).

Published Citations using our AAV production Services

    PNAS (2011) Impaired mitochondrial transport and Parkin-independent degeneration of respiratory chain-deficient dopamine neurons in vivo.

    Science (2011) Gαi2 Signaling Promotes Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy, Myoblast Differentiation, and Muscle Regeneration.

    Science (2011) Poly(ADP-Ribose) (PAR) Binding to Apoptosis-Inducing Factor Is Critical for PAR Polymerase-1¿Dependent Cell Death (Parthanatos).

FAQs on Custom AAV Services

    1. What does a customer need to provide?
    The customer needs to provide plasmid DNA for the specified gene, vector map and its sequence information.

    For gene silencing service, we need the exact RNAi sequence to be constructed into recombinant AAV vector if no plasmid available.

    2. How long does the entire process take?
    The entire process takes approximately 4-5 weeks. If the customer could help on the 1st subcloning and Qigaen Mega prep for the cis AAV plasmid, the entire process will take about ~3-4 weeks.

    3. Is there a size limit for a gene to be delivered by AAV?
    Yes, since the AAV has a packaging capacity of ~4.5Kb.

    4. What options a customer has for expression of cDNA or siRNA?
    A customer can choose from over 15 vector options for the expression of cDNA and siRNA. Please contact us to find out more about these expression options to see which one best fits your research need.

    5. What¿s the expected yield, and what¿s the storage solution?

    Normally it is within 1x10E(12) ¿ 1x10E(13) GC/ml, with about 2ml in total volume. However, for some genes that are either toxic to cells or detrimental for AAV efficiency, the yield could be lower. The storage solution for virus is PBS with 5% Glycerol,which is suitable for in vivo injection.

Still have more questions? Check more resources below or call or email us with your questions.

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