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Ad-HQ Adenovirus Construction Services

Adenovirus construction is a tedious and time-consuming process. We have extensive experience in this area, and have successfully constructed over 500 recombinant adenoviruses in the past.

We have developed the Ad-HQ system, a streamlined adenovirus construction procedure that guarantees the expression of GOI, high viral yield, timely delivery and high-standard quality control.

We provide services for the entire adenovirus construction process, which includes:

  • Cloning your GOI or shRNA into the viral genome.
  • Producing primary, low-titer virus stock.
  • Amplifying on a medium-to-large scale.
  • Titering (measuring PFU).

A final viral stock of approximately 1012 to 1013 viral particles (~3x1010-3x1011 PFU) will be delivered to you. This entire process will be completed in approximately 5-7 weeks.

Adenovirus Constrcution & Production

Quality Control - through AccuTiter procedure

Accurate tittering of the viral stock is critical to the proper use of adenovirus to maximize the efficiency of this superior gene delivery method. However, this step is one of the major challenges. The process of determining the "working" or "active" virus concentration is very tedious, and involves numerous steps where wide variations can be easily introduced. Huge variation of titration for a given viral stock is the major cause for discrepancies regarding the MOI used in literatures.

We have developed a proprietary titration procedure, known as the AccuTiter, that gives extremely accurate and consistent titering readout.


1. What a customer needs to provide:
The customer needs to provide the plasmid DNA for the specified gene, its sequence information and a vector map. If no plasmid is available for the gene silencing services, we will need the shRNA sequence you wish to insert into the adenovirus vector.

2. Other Adenoviral services:
Besides the adenoviral construction service, we also provide medium scale (<0.5L of cells) to large-scale (1-2 L of culture) virus amplification, 2xCsCl purification, titration, and quality control for colleagues. Finally, if a colleague has a virus stock, but is not comfortable with the titer, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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