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human LGR5 Adenovirus

Name: Ad-h-LGR5

SKU#: ADV-213878

Category: Ready-to-build adenovirus for gene over-expression

Availability: 4-6 weeks

Viral Information
Viral backbone: Human adenovirus Type 5 (dE1/E3)
Storage Buffer: DMEM with 2% BSA & 2.5% Glycerol
Additional Options:tissue specific promoters
GFP, CFP, YFP, RFP or mCherry for co-expression
choice of low titer stock or ready-use stock

Gene Information
Gene Symbol:LGR5
Gene Name: leucine-rich repeat-containing G protein-coupled receptor 5
Species: human
Gene Synonym:FEX; GPR49; GPR67; GRP49; HG38
Ref Sequence: BC099650
ORF Size: 2724 bp
UniGene ID:Hs.658889
Ensembl ID:ENSG00000139292
Gene Desc:Orphan receptor. Stem cell marker of the intestinal epithelium and the hair follicule. Target gene of Wnt signaling.

Other LGR5 Adenovirus
ADV-213876   human LGR5 Adenovirus  (#BC096326)
ADV-263415   mouse LGR5 Adenovirus  (#BC156649)
shADV-263415   mouse LGR5 shRNA Adenovirus  gene knockdown

Recommended Control Adenovirus

#1060  Ad-GFP eGFP Adenovirus
#1080  Ad-CMV-b-Gal b-gal/LacZ Adenovirus
#1300  Ad-CMV-Null Adeno CMV Null Adenovirus
#1660  Ad-RFP RFP Adenovirus
#1766  Ad-CFP Cyan Fluorescent Protein (CFP) Adenovirus
#1767  Ad-mCherry mCherry Adenovirus
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